Bring the Heat!


Summer can be filled with lots of fun and laughter. To beat the heat, do these fun activities that are sure to be a blast!

Disc Golf– A fun and exciting way to sharpen your hand eye coordination as you try to throw a frisbee into a goal. Challenge your friends and neighbors to see who can make the most!

Scenic Drive– With summer comes beautiful green trees and alluring flowers! Join us on one of our scenic drives to experience the beauty of the Shenandoah valley!

Tend to the Garden– Something about growing your own plants creates a special connection. Create your own connection by tending to one of the many raised beds located around our community!

Ice Cream– Cool down during a nice hot day with ice cream! All throughout the summer we have ice cream days planned to make the most of this beautiful weather. (I mean… I can’t say no to ice cream. Can you?)

Reading Club– Join the reading club in the sunroom and get your imagination roaring with vivid stories. Talk with others with the same interests and enjoy broadening your horizons.

So many fun activities planned and more to come. Get out and rekindle your love for summer!

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